New Example of Marking Metal Business Cards

This is an example to show the procedure to make metal business cards, first we will make a proof based on the uploaded LOGO file & description when customers place the order,  as shown in the proof, the black area is cut through, the stars and text are cut through. Just need to notice that in the text area, some text need to change a little bit to cut through, like the letter “D”, if you cut the letter, the inside will fall down, so need to make a bridge [......]

July 02, 2017
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Standard Custom Lanyards, High Quality, Fast Delivery

This is our demo lanyards, which was sent as sample.
Available in 6 colors, 1.5cm width, 1 color (white) printing
High Quality, Fast Delivery, Great Price
top sellers, widely used for enterprises, schools, governments, organizations, sports games, parties, etc.
* This is just a sample for customers to learn about the quality of our Personalized Lanyards  , for customized lanyards orders, minimum starts from 50 pcs, custom with your LOGO & Words
*We will send you the design proof before final producing.

Check more details at:
Please leave a message to [......]

June 26, 2017
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transparent plastic business cards


This is a demo for transparent plastic business cards workflow,  Mr M. is a graphic designer, he designed the business card and send us a psd file, and we just adjust the dimensions and convert to round corner, send back the proof 1 business later and got confirmed.

transparent-plastic-business-cards-template transparent-plastic-business-cards-template

The following is the card we produced based on the artwork,  it is frosted transparent business cards style, round corner, the white area is transparent [......]

June 25, 2015
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metal business cards design template


We received order from customer Mr. C.  He offered his logo in AI format and related business information, Email, Phone number, facebook, twitter. etc.

We designed the metal business cards artwork as following:
The white area is etching, the gray area is kept as original
this design is convex, we engrave the background area and keep the text & graphic area as original steel board, finally the result turn out very nice

metal -business-cards-design-artwork
The [......]

May 24, 2015
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free wedding invitation templates


Customer Mrs A. ordered the wedding invitations WI1033, it is 3 pages, Z-fold style.
Mrs A. offered the text and we designed the proof in 2 business days, after one revision of the fonts, finally the proof was confirmed in 3 business days after the order. The invitations mainly printed on the second page, and the first page was designed as cover page with wedding date. The third page was designed with bridal and bridegroom image.
For wedding invitations, we offer printing service, the printing is plain printing with black [......]

April 28, 2015
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wedding invitation templates


Ellicia ordered wedding Invitations WI1067_WH for her wedding party, which will be held in November 2015, The invites is square dimensions, 1 page insert sheet.

Ellicia edit her invites information in PDF and upload the file when place the order, our designer designed the wedding invitation templates  as following with her information, it is tidy & elegant, with floral decorations at each corner, fancy font for their name on the top.  The invitation was ended with an online invite link, which can be registered at, it is a online form which can be used [......]

April 19, 2015
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creative card design

Business card printing has become an essential part for companies of all types. Even when we are using modern communication tools such as phones social network, email, etc. the business card is still a great way to communicate for the first time meeting, a great way to market your brand and contact information with the clients. Business card printing industry has evolved dramatically changes over the past years. The standard sizes business cards are used only on type of cards we can expect to see them.
Now, companies and business people require that [......]

April 24, 2013
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